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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I cancel my magazine subscription?

    We can process your cancellation anytime by contacting us. Magazines are pre-labeled and you may receive a few issues after cancellation, so please don't be alarmed.

  • If I decide to keep this magazine will it be automatically renewed?

    No, you must renew by way of the renewal offer sent to you in the mail, or by contacting the publication.

  • Why am I receiving this bill/renewal notice?

    In some cases, what you’ve received is not a bill, but a courtesy notice for renewal. This may have been sent directly from a publisher or from the agency you originally placed your order with. If you would like to renew, simply fill out the form and return using the form provided. If you do not wish to renew, you can discard the notice, or notify the party by phone or mail that you do not wish to renew. At that point, your subscription will end on its own. If you did receive a bill, please contact our customer care department and we will work towards a resolution with the billing party.

  • Have I been charged?

    If your order was placed through a subscription agent, yes you have been charged or are paying on your subscription. If your order was included in a purchase online or in a retail store, then your subscription was included with your purchase. If your subscription was the result of a redemption of points through a loyalty program, then your payment was made in the form of point redemption.

  • How did you get my information/Why did I start receiving these magazines?

    Subco is a magazine clearinghouse and fulfillment center. We partner with selling agents, retailers, ecommerce websites and loyalty reward companies. One of these organizations may have provided your information to us so that we could fulfill your order.

  • If you are not the company that I ordered the magazine from, why did the publisher give me your name and phone number to call?

    As the clearinghouse and fulfillment center, we administer the details of your promotional subscription. Therefore if you have any issues, it is our responsibility to take care of them for you.